March 2022


Looking for Amber on Rügen

The island of Rügen is of course also very interesting for amber seekers. Especially after a storm or strong waves, the gold of the sea is often washed up on the island’s beaches. You can also find one or the other amber in Baabe if you just keep a lookout for it. Because the beach of Baabe is not only very beautiful but also easy to reach. From the right accommodation, it sometimes


Trevi Fountain – Top Facts That You Need To Discover

When you decide to visit the city of Rome without attempting to discover all the fuss regarding The Trevi Fountain then your visit is incomplete. This is perhaps the most amazing and attractive fountain in the world. Although there were lots of other fountains in Rome during the 4th century, it has managed to stand out. What you are about to discover are some of the top reasons why you

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