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Beaches or Mountains: Travel Trailers Make for a Perfect Winter Escape

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Winter Escape

Blues breaks and spring breaks are upon us and what better way to take a vacation than in a travel trailer? Vacations have been the topic of many psychological studies that prove healing benefits on the body, mind, and relationships. Humans need breaks from work to remain productive and improve their imagination. So head out in the travel trailer for a break from ordinary life.

If you’re looking for a snow-filled adventure, Colorado is the place for you. Huge mountains erupt from the landscape, offering extreme backcountry skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and rock climbing. Some resorts are geared toward family-friendly entertainment, while others cater to the single life.

Colorado offers red rocks, cliffs, and more than its fair share of fourteeners that are perfect for snowshoeing up and skiing down. Local flavors of food range from down-home BBQ to elegant takes on the American diet including local elk, deer, and buffalo. If one town doesn’t suit you, hitch up the travel trailer and move on to the next.

Aspen is known for catering to the rich and famous, but they also host the X-Games, have great food, and have an eclectic mix of people. Vail and Breckenridge sit right on the I-70 corridor and boast convenient skiing, incredible dining, and enormous peaks. Steamboat Springs, CO breeds Olympians; it’s in the frozen water. Mt. Werner’s terrain is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

If the thought of more snow makes you shiver, then head out to California, where the sun’s always shining somewhere. Warm temperatures invite long walks on the beach, and views of the ocean from travel trailer campgrounds. Sit with your toes in the Klamath River, while your dinner cooks a few feet away.

From the rich and famous to beach bums there’s a town that suits every personality. Dana Point’s Four Seasons offers cocktails as the sun sets on the horizon. Carpinteria, not far from Santa Barbara, is set up for small-town relaxation, where time seems to stop. Southern California is a playground within itself.

Big Sur is known around the world for surfing. If you’d rather test your abilities at rock climbing, then head to Joshua Tree for ideal year-round climbing conditions.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy the winter weather while it’s still here, or you’re ready for summer, California and Colorado offer the best of both worlds. Strap on the skis or snowboard and let the world pass you in a blur, or kick off your shoes and let the ocean lap at your toes. Your travel trailer is the perfect companion for any winter getaway.

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