Cheap Long-Distance Rates

Finding a cheap long-distance rate to fit your needs can help you save big. Comparing cheap long-distance rates is easy and smart. This site intends to serve as your resource for finding out as much about the long-distance industry as possible so that you can in fact find cheap long-distance rates.

The detailed articles and information we provide teach you everything ranging from making sure you are not getting ripped off to how the FCC regulates all telephone and long-distance issues. In 1982 the United States government effectively broke up a telephone monopoly. Many people thought competition in the telecommunications industry would help to bring prices down. Unfortunately, many people still believe they can’t find a good deal on telephone service or long distance. The more a person knows about long distances, the better the consumer s/he will be. That’s our belief and that’s why we provide as much information on long-distance as possible. So that you can get a great deal and find cheap long-distance rates.

So many times people feel like they are tied down to one long-distance company. Many people have a certain loyalty to long-distance companies. If your long-distance company is giving you a great rate, that is fine, but what if you are not getting the best long-distance rate possible? That’s when we believe it is time to start asking questions. Many people think it is not easy to switch long-distance providers, but in fact, it is. Companies who want your business are usually willing to bend over backward to help you.

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