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Discovering The Energy Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona

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If you’re someone who loves reading or even seeing strange things, the energy vortexes in Arizona will definitely catch your interest.  True enough, you’ll find weirdness in all places in the world. And in fact, vortexes are just one of the many phenomena that people find attractive and yet somehow very intriguing. But what are they really? Are they just fictional products of man’s creativity? Read this blog and explore Sedona, Arizona to find out!

Just What Exactly Are Vortexes?

Vortexes, technically, are spiraling forms of energy that are usually created by water or wind. In the case of Sedona’s energy vortexes, they are believed to be produced by the area’s abundant supply of minerals and their emission of strong magnetic energy. Ha! This phenomenon is really harder to explain than it is to see and experience. If you’ll take a photo or record a video in the areas where these energies are present, you’ll notice glowing, somewhat colorful lights in your outputs. Their presence can also be felt in one’s system, especially in areas where the energy level is very strong. In fact, people who visited Arizona’s vortex spots claim that these things had positive effects on their emotional and spiritual states which even lasted for days. Thus, Sedona is considered a sacred place and a spiritual site because of its ability to bring tranquility and positive vibes to people via these so-called energy vortexes.

Where In Arizona Can You Find Vortexes?

Energy vortexes are found in other parts of the world such as the pyramids of Egypt. But what makes Sedona, Arizona special is the great number of such entities in one concentrated space.  Some people say that there are 4 major spots in Sedona where you can witness and experience these things. On the other hand, some believe that there are more than 4. Well, regardless of the actual number, we discovered that the most popular vortex locations are:

1. Red Rock Crossing

2. Saddle of Cathedral Rock

3. Bell Rock

4. Boynton Canyon and Long Canyon Mesa

5. Airport Mesa

6. Oak Creek Canyon Overlook

7. Chapel of the Holy Cross

8. West Fork – Energy Spring Well

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