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Dream Vacation in Norway

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Norway's Beauty

Barren and impressive, sun and snow, midnight sun and northern lights, glaciers and fjords, picturesque islands and picturesque fishing villages, land of moose and stave churches. Norway is ideal for many dream vacations.

The holiday paradise can be reached by ferry, plane or train. For a stay of up to three months, an identity card is sufficient to enter the country. It is better to take any medication you need with you from home. The entry regulations for alcohol and tobacco products should be observed.

The Dream for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether mountaineering, climbing, fishing, canoeing, sailing or a mountain bike tour – the varied and often breathtaking landscape offers outdoor vacationers plenty of opportunities. The weather in Norway is actually ideal all year round.

From May to October the anglers in the lakes of southern Norway fulfill their dream. Every post office issues a fishing license for inland waters; fishing in the sea is free. In the bright and warm summer months, mountaineers are particularly drawn to the fell and glacier landscape of the north. The glittering mountain lakes and picturesque mountain villages of the unique high mountain landscape in the national parks Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell or the high plateau of the Hardangervidda inspire hikers, nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts. From spring with its spectacular fruit tree blossom on the fjords to the wedding of berry and mushroom pickers in autumn, visitors enjoy almost untouched nature.
In summer, paradisiacal beaches and pleasant water temperatures, especially in the south-east of the country, invite you to relax.

Winter offers a Dorado for winter sports fans with ski slopes and cross-country trails in the interior. Skiing fun is most expensive at Easter, when all of Norway wants to ski. The quarters are booked out well in advance. It can be below minus 40 degrees Celsius in the winter sports paradises. It remains milder on the west coast, here rainproof clothing is recommended and some storms have to be endured.
The dream of a dog sledding tour comes true in the far north, combined with the enjoyment of the wonderful long-distance hiking trails.

The Dream for Culture Enthusiasts

Culturally interested holidaymakers will find what they are looking for in the metropolises of Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen, as well as on a tour through the rural regions. Picturesque cityscapes, museums, interesting farms or the unique stave churches invite you to explore. During the summer, many sights, museums and restaurants have extended opening hours.

North of the Arctic Circle, Norway offers fantastic views of the sky. Depending on the latitude, from May to July you can marvel at the phenomenon of the midnight sun, weeks in which the sun does not set day and night. In the autumn and winter months you can enjoy the fantastic northern lights with good visibility from the Lofoten to the North Cape.

The Hurtigruten “dream ships” operate from mountains around the North Cape to Kirkenes – probably the most famous post ship voyage in the world. This wonderful trip offers impressive fjord landscapes such as the Geyrangerfjord, the picturesque world of the Lofoten Islands and the “gateway to the polar sea” Tromsø. In between you have enough time for exploring on land.

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