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Looking for Amber on Rügen

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The island of Rügen is of course also very interesting for amber seekers. Especially after a storm or strong waves, the gold of the sea is often washed up on the island’s beaches. You can also find one or the other amber in Baabe if you just keep a lookout for it. Because the beach of Baabe is not only very beautiful but also easy to reach. From the right accommodation, it sometimes only takes a few minutes to feel the Baltic Sea beach under your own feet. And if you’re really lucky, you might find a very nice amber on the beach of Baabe.

What is Ambers?

Amber is fossil resin. But ambers have always acquired greater value for mankind over time. So today it is simply a small sensation when you really find a very large piece of amber while walking on the beach. The gold of the sea is of course also used in Rügen to create beautiful jewelry or other works of art. For this reason, you can also see the amber collectors, who earn their money with these treasures, again and again in the early morning hours on the beaches of the island. Especially after a stormy night, one or the other treasure can be found here.

Explore the Island after Searching for Amber

If you just don’t feel like beach and amber anymore, you can also explore the other facets of the island of Rügen dedicate. How about a nice walk through a park, for example? The park in Putbus, which Prince Malte zu Putbus had built a few centuries ago, is the ideal place. Here you can also visit one or the other wild animals in the enclosure. The journey can then continue from Putbus. Namely to the Nautilus in Wreege. This restaurant is the original of Capt. Based on Nemo and really makes you want to try the typical fish specialties of the island. The Lauterbach marina can then be used for a short walk after the meal. On the other hand, if you prefer to explore the forests of Rügen a little, you can take a trip to the Granitz. This can also be used to reach the hunting lodge and then visit it.

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