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Low-Cost Hotel in Bandung

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Bandung which is often called the city of flowers is pretty a beautiful location. Let me tell you that it is also the capital of west Java which is part of the country of Indonesia. It has quite a wonderful climate and let me just say you that it is quite enjoyable during the entire year. Consequently, you can trip to this place any time of the year.

However, you would definitely like to save your money on accommodation. In truth, most tourists love to save the money which they have to spend on accommodation. This can be really the habit of the majority of travelers.

Therefore I’d like to list a number of the budget hotels for you personally that you’ll find to be quite useful. The list goes such as this:

1. Hotel Imperium International:

Let me show you this is definitely one of the most affordable hotels you’ll discover in Bandung. It has no star to show for its great service. But I must tell you that it is very beautiful from the inside.

In reality, it’s simply superb. It is certainly among the cheapest hotels in Bandung. You might feel that as it is cheap hence you will not enjoy any luxury but I must tell you that it is not really the case. I assure you that you’ll be quite astonished once you will enter the campus of this beautiful hotel.

2. Hotel Holiday INN:

This is yet another hotel with containing lot to offer and trust me that you’ll surely be quite pleased when you will see this hotel. It has 146 rooms and a very big restaurant. It is definitely among the best hotels that you can ever come across at such low-priced rates.

These kinds are some of the hotels which are quite cheap and believe me that you definitely find them fit to your taste.

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