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Relocate to Colorful Northern Colorado

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When we relocated to Northern Colorado in 2007, many of our Chicagoland friends and neighbors were puzzled. They couldn’t understand why we’d make such and move and leave the big-city life. The first thing they wondered was where Northern Colorado was. Most people think of the ski areas in Colorado. Northern Colorado stretches from the Wyoming border to the north to Denver in the south; out to Greeley in the east and Estes Park in the west.

While Northern Colorado may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it has been a great fit for us. Let me count the reasons why.

The Economy: Northern Colorado has an expanding economy. We have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and entrepreneurialism thrives here.

The Real Estate Market: Northern Colorado real estate won’t give you that rollercoaster effect. There is steady, fairly consistent increases in property values at an average of 2-3% a year. Doesn’t sound that great until you realize that during the recent crash in property values suffered around the country mainly skipped over this area.

The Climate: Northern Colorado is a semi-arid area with more sunny days than Florida. We enjoy four full seasons of fun and great weather. Winters aren’t that snowy on this side of the mountains but we still get enough to have some fun from time to time. We can always get to the mountains or ski areas for more. The summers are warm, dry, and sunny–perfect for a dip in the cold rivers. Autumn brings the changing of the fall colors and the lighting up of the aspens. There are great scenic highways and byways to take them all in.

The People: There is a great spirit of individualism and independence that we noticed right after moving here. Makes sense given all the small businesses in the area.

The Views: Living here feels like being on a perpetual vacation. When we sit down and try to plan our vacations for the year, we have a very difficult time thinking of anywhere else we want to go. We can go to the mountains up and down Colorado for a variety of views and scenery changes. We can also enjoy a staycation and enjoy the lakes, reservoirs, or simply the view from our deck as we relax.

The Great Outdoors: Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, water sports, or winter sports, this is the place for you. Throw in camping, backpacking, climbing, rafting, and more, and you could spend a lifetime exploring all the outdoor possibilities in Northern Colorado.

The Great Lifestyle: One thing that really struck us after moving here was the pace of life and the reordering of priorities. Things move more slowly here–and that’s a good thing. (Think Chicago at rush hour.) When people ask you about your job, they don’t ask whether you got a promotion or how much you make, they ask if your schedule and time off let you pursue your favorite activities.

These are just a few of my favorite things. But don’t worry, you won’t be entirely cut off from culture and nightlife. You can enjoy those things in Fort Collins or even in nearby Denver.

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