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Travel to Ghana is very important. It deeply transforms tourists at a spiritual level. A break from our daily hectic routine (work and home), a life without electronics and technology can be the best opportunity to relieve ourselves from stress. Perhaps, this is what makes Ghana a surprisingly great place for couples on a romantic honeymoon.

Every time you plan to travel to Ghana on a vacation, do you make up many reasons for not going? Like, “I don’t have enough time.” Or, “I don’t have a ton of money to take a Ghana vacation.” But you might not realize how much you’ll be missing. And amazingly enough, travelers don’t have to spend all the money they’ve saved over time and won’t have to spend weeks away from the office to take advantage of these Ghana vacations.

If you are looking to make a journey with a low budget, travel to Ghana. Africa is one of the most important destinations to travel to. It’s possible to travel all the way across Ghana and with little money. Taxis are “expensive” compared to other means of transportation. And the most economical means of transport is the Trotro. Exciting isn’t it?
Food is usually made locally and is affordable. It is known by those who travel to Ghana as the best food in the world. You will be able to find the best of African foods at any local restaurant, and at a very cheap price. Additionally, there are thousands of hawkers and open-air markets to visit on the side of the street- each one selling fresh food for a diminutive price. No need to be troubled about finding drinking water, it is available every where at small price.

You may want to practice eating grass hoppers and snails before you travel to Ghana. If you have the stomach for them, then you will take pleasure in your visit to this land of beautiful people. Actually, maybe just wait to taste them when you arrive and get the full experience of a Ghana vacation.

The most visited place in Ghana are villages. Some like Winneba are known for their masquerade festivals, local ceramic, and their fishing prowess. Locals of the villages in the talented Central Region have gained fame for the generations old craftwork styles that have been traditionally passed down from their forefathers. These creations are wonderful souvenirs to remind you of your Ghana vacation’s Central Region excursion.

Another most visited place is the gold mine located in Oboasi. It is one of the richest gold mines in the world. Although traditional crafts can be found in all regions, Kumasi is the undisputed center of the artsy side. Its traditional markets open daily, and its cultural uniqueness is found in brightly colored Kante cloth and beads.

If you want to have a memorable and romance filled honeymoon, plan to travel to Ghana. There are beaches, rainforests and underwater activities to have fun with. Also, visit the safaris and go for heritage tours or get yourself dirty with sports activities. There is not a specific time of the year that can be recommended for tourists. The weather at Ghana is always hot, but through August and September you might experience some relief from the highest of temperatures.

You can enjoy water sports, swimming, parasailing, snorkeling and scuba diving at some of the most beautiful beaches with captivating underwater life. It’s like paradise! You can also play golf and tennis while you travel to Ghana, if you are not into diving.

Express your curiosity, save and plan. A Ghana vacation will definitely be amazing and worth it!

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