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Trevi Fountain – Top Facts That You Need To Discover

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Need To Discover Facts

When you decide to visit the city of Rome without attempting to discover all the fuss regarding The Trevi Fountain then your visit is incomplete. This is perhaps the most amazing and attractive fountain in the world. Although there were lots of other fountains in Rome during the 4th century, it has managed to stand out.

What you are about to discover are some of the top reasons why you should start considering visiting this spot on your next tour visit to the city of Rome. After all there is nothing as intriguing as visiting the most famous fountain amongst others in the world.

It’s Fascinating History

The brain behind The Trevi Fountain is known as Nicola Salvi, an Italian architect. Although he was known to start the project, the person who finished it was Pietro Bracci. A contest was held in the year 1730 by Pope Clemens XII. Its aim was to select the person that would oversee the designing of a new fountain. This was how Nicola Salvi got selected to handle the project.

History had it that Nicola Salvi was not the original winner as Astronomer Galileo was. However, the project got awarded to the former due to protests from members of the public who claimed that he was from Rome while Astronomer Galileo wasn’t. In a nutshell, they needed someone who was an indigene of the Trevi Fountain location. That was how Fontana di Trevi (as it was referred to by the Italians) came into existence. It took eleven years after Salvi’s death for the project to be successfully completed.

For the sake of charity, people visiting Fontana di Trevi do throw coins into it on a daily basis. It is part of their tradition as they believe throwing coins into water attracts the protection of the gods who would help them secure a safe journey back to Rome.

It’s Attractive Nature

Fontana di Trevi has been able to play an important part in the history of Rome till date.  This is because of its highly irresistible nature. Its water does pump out from different sources. It has been discovered that over 2 million cubic feet of water is spilled out on a daily basis.

Trevi Fountain location became very famous because of the fountain as most people wanted to have a feel of what it was actually like seeing the largest fountain that the world had ever known. An example of this was when it was used in major movies such as Roman Holiday, La Dolce Vita, Three Coins In The Fountain and others.  Another proof of its beauty was when a replicate of it was built in Walt Disney World.

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